10 ways to save money at Nandos

10 ways to save money at Nandos
  1. Loyalty card / app – If you’re not on this you’re the worst Nandos money saver going
  2. DIY Perinaise – Ask for some (free) mayonnaise and then stir in your favourite Peri-Peri sauce from the side – That’s 60p saved
  3. Forces Discount – Army, RAF, Navy, Police, fire, ambulance or NHS member of staff? You get 20% off – Just show your photo ID
  4. Don’t order sugary drinks – they apply a 20p sugar tax to non-light/diet drinks
  5. If two of you are having fries, order a large and share instead. It will save you 40p and you will get more fries. Jordan Cox counted that he got 82 chips in a large Vs 68 in 2 x regular portions.
  6. Eating a big meal between two and both OK eating the same thing? If yes, order their meal platter which consists of:- Two separate orders of a half chicken

    – 2 x regular sides

    – bottomless drink for £20.95.

    If you had ordered the same but separately, it would cost £24.30 (an increase of £3.35)

  1. The good old ‘glass of tap water’ please. All locations in the UK that sell alcohol must offer free tap water to be allowed to have their alcohol licence. With their cheapest soft drink costing £2.20, this is an easy saving.
  2. Do you hate salad but love chicken? A Double Chicken Burger cost £9.75 but if order a Chicken Butterfly (£8.25) you get 2 larger pieces of chicken for less money, then you order a Portuguese bread roll (£1) and you have a similar meal with more chicken for 50p less although you won’t get the lettuce and tomato…
  3. Do it yourself at home, it isn’t that hard when you think about it. Check the menu and do it yourself by grabbing the sauces from the supermarket and get a nice hot griddle pan going.
  4. Buy Nando’s vouchers from Costco£40 worth of vouchers for £33.99! (minimum of 2)

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