Drinking water can save you a small fortune….

Drinking water can save you a small fortune….

Technically this isn’t health advice, you should consult a doctor and ignore everything on this page:

  • Generally your body can’t tell the difference between being thirsty and hungry (unless you’re dehydrated or have recently exercised), so often you will end up eating expensive snacks when actually all your body is craving is water. Next time you’re hungry take a drink of water and then wait and see if you’re still hungry, it’s amazing how true this is (especially if you love a good snack, yes YOU! Put down that half empty packet of hobnobs and drink some water)
  • Using elastic bands around your waist a bottle can help you track and measure your daily water intake, you’re supposed to have 6-8 glasses worth (including the water in food, tea/coffee etc). When you have drank one bottle, slide the rubber band to the top or remove it from the bottle. A simple technique and one that will save your mates from being bored whilst they sit and listen to your presentation about how your ‘awesome’ iPhone app can also track your water intake
  • Instead of buying flavoured sugary drinks try a few slices of cucumbers, lemons or oranges in with your water.


  • Drinking water may help you lose weight, you will have the sensation of being full throughout the day which means you won’t end up sitting with the lasagne dish on your lap scraping every last piece into your face.
  • Consuming more water can supposedly increase brain function and can help you from feeling miserable …. which when put together might just help you land your dream job.
  • A pint before bed (whilst drunk) can keep air your kidneys and help with the hangover (or drinking 1 glass between alcoholic drinks)
  • Instead of popping headache tablets, try and drink 2-4 glasses of water and see if that relieves the pain
  • Feeling sleepy? Try two glasses of water
  • Taking a bottle of water into an exam to aid your grades [source]
  • The obvious of asking for water instead of a paid drink in a restaurant / bar


Do you run the tap to get the water cold before filling your glass?

► Put a jug of water in the fridge

Saves you running the tap before you fill your glass, which could save you a few quid per year + you can filter your water if you desire

► I’ve got a Brita Jug, anyway of getting cheaper filters?

► Do restaurants have to give FREE tap water?

Sort of, if they serve alcohol then yes under Section 136 of the Licensing Act 2003 they have to, Scotland is similar.
In Northern Ireland there is no law. All places have to inform you if they’re planning to charge you for it but if they serve alcohol they can’t charge you for the water however some cheeky buggers will try and charge you for the use of the glass etc but 99.9% of places won’t.

Free water will generally be tap water. Filtered, bottled, premium or iced water can and probably will be charged for so remember that when being asked.


► What about free water at pubs, clubs, cafes etc?

If they’re serving alcohol then just like above they have to provide free drinking/tap water. If they don’t serve alcohol then they legally don’t have to give you any (but often many will).

► What if I get refused free water?

Speak with a manager most will know about the law and should sort it out. If you can be bothered you can report them (max £20,000 fine….) just contact your local council/authority and ask to speak with the licensing department.

Although rare some places will try and charge you for ‘rental’ of glasses for tap water, avoid those places in the future or explain your disgust (yes we’re horrible people to go to restaurants with).

► What if I don’t want to buy something from a restaurant, cafe, bar etc?

Search for local free water supplies on http://10ws.co/1o2YycG or try local bathrooms etc

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