10 ways to get your children into reading

10 ways to get your children into reading
  1. Read together, pass the book back and forth between yourselves, put voices on and just having a great time! Most likely this will work and costs nothing.
  2. Bribery – £1 for every book they read

  3. Set screentime on devices and allow them to recharge the screentime by reading

    When i was a child, my mom (who was a teacher in primary school) was kinda strict about the screen time (tv and computer mainly, there were no smartphone at that time). As a teacher she had tons of books at home and we could “recharge” our screen time by reading a book (double “credits” for english books as we are french) and talking to her about it.
    Since we are 4 siblings we had the idea of cheating by reading each one a book and discuss it together once a week and then using the shared info to our mom. We thought we were so brilliant to have this idea. One day my sister told our mom “yeah, we won at your game we just share our readings”. My mom replied “So you’re telling me the rules I implemeted led to my 4 children to create their own book club and spending a huge part of their saturday afternoon discussing litterature ? I think I can live with that, not sure it is a loss for me”1

  4. Buy a Kindle Kids
  5. Add extra time for bedtime reading, e.g. if bedtime is 7pm, they can read until 8pm if they wish
  6. Discuss, show and relate books to real life, e.g. if the topic is a sport go and see the sport in person as well or try an activity based on something in the book
  7. Always carry a book, if there is a boring time (e.g. doctors waiting room, siblings pickup from nursery etc) they can absorb and cut out some of the boredom
  8. Play words games, which encourage complex sentences into fun games, e.g. “She sells seashells by the seashore.”
  9. Talk about words, how two words can sound the same but mean different things.
  10. Give books and rewards and gifts to add excitement to the book
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