London Flat (house share) for £1 per month… would you?

London Flat (house share) for £1 per month… would you?

Richie Walker, 34, noticed an advert for a house share with the following benefits for only £1 per month:

  • House with three Bedrooms, three Bathrooms & Garden
  • Fulham, London Location
  • Large Master Bedroom with ensuite for renter
  • Study &/or Dressing room attached to the master bedroom
  • Sharing with a 63-year-old professional man

A house like this depending on condition/location etc would normally cost around £2200-£4300 per month or if split equally between two people around £275-£560 per week.


A similar house in Fulham for £4312 per month (note this isn't the house from this article)

A similar house (without a slave) in Fulham for £4312 per month (note this isn’t the house from this article)

Was it a price glitch? Could he jump on it and seal the deal before anyone noticed?

Then he kept reading the listing………  “I am willing to offer the master bedroom suite free to a lady or young couple who will make and treat me like a slave.”

‘I have been a slave before and those were the happiest days of my life. I do not seek an intimate or sexual relationship and see myself as a domestic and financial slave.


Would you pay £1 to be a slave master?

Unfortunately FlatShare have since removed the adverts, boohiss!

Via Metro

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