Tesco to pay £36 per year if you see ads 1-in-3 times you unlock your phone

Tesco to pay £36 per year if you see ads 1-in-3 times you unlock your phone

Just like Amazon’s discounted Kindle range ads direct on devices are an easy way for large non-web companies to get into the advertising game and the benefit to consumers is that they’re constantly bombarded with ads get a saving on their device or monthly payments.

The Facts:

  • Only available on Android phones
  • Full-screen ads are automatically shown when you unlock the keypad.
  • £3 per month saving on your Tesco Mobile Monthly Bill
  • 200MB free extra data per month (covers the data for running the ads + a bit extra)
  • You must see at least 1 ad per day for 21 days in the month
  • You will see an ad when you first unlock your phone and then supposedly every 3rd unlock after that (however this number isn’t fixed so you may see more or less ads)
  • Sign up / download link

Is it really worth it?

For anyone in a tight spot then yes £3 saving is decent, however, the annoyance of these ads we would think outweighs the financial ‘gain’ from them.

Is any other mobile network offering similar?

Interestingly Three Mobile are trialing the complete opposite and offering ad blocking on their devices.

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