‘Fake’ 2p coin actually is a minting error and it’s ‘worth’ £2000+

‘Fake’ 2p coin actually is a minting error and it’s ‘worth’ £2000+

Poppy collectors in Wilshire were stunned last week after discovering a 2p coin they thought was a fake turned out to be a rare collector’s item worth up to £2,000.

The coin, which is silver (in colour) instead of the usual copper was dropped into a collecting tin, it was handed into the bank as an ‘obvious’ fake coin, the coin was then sent to The Royal Mint who found the coin to be a ‘minting error’ where a 10p blank had been inserted into a 2p mint (machine).

Branch chairman Richard Tilney said:

“The Legion has a corporate partner who sells old medals and coins, and they are going to take it off our hands for a handsome price.

“The Poppy Appeal is very dear to our hearts and it would be fantastic to get the money to the right place.”

This isn’t the first time a simple coin was worth more than the face value! Beatrix Potter 50p coins selling for £670 on eBay & How much are my coins worth?


As always people were quick to debunk the story

The current 2p coins are copper plated steel. They are also magnetic. This coin has had the copper plate removed to reveal the steel coin underneath. Value 10p. – CoinMan

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