How to try and protect your valuables

How to try and protect your valuables

Yes these might seem a little far for most people but imagine the face of the robber when they realise they can’t easily sell something on. Remember burglary is probably not going to happen to you but you will kick yourself if it does and you’ve not done some of these.

1) Register serial numbers on the Immobilise website for free
If it gets stolen and later found by the Police, they will search the database and find you. This will also aid in the prosecution.
Also worth photographing and keeping copies of purchase receipts (for insurance purposes).

2) Write your postcode and house number in UV pen, permanent pen or etched on the back of valuables. or 5 pack >
or an engraver >

3) Don’t PUBLICLY tell everyone

on Facebook, Twitter etc that you’re going on Holiday/visiting a certain restaurant or any other hint that your house will be empty…. unless your privacy settings are heavily restricted so only people you trust can see.

4) [Obvious] 40% of burglaries are non-forced entry i.e. they just walked/climbed in

So check and keep your doors/windows shut/locked even when you’re ‘just’ in the other room, especially in student areas. A friend of ours had his laptop stolen whilst he was in someone else’s bedroom and his room was on the 1st floor! For easy to break glass doors/windows these are good >

5) [Bit extreme but we’ve done it…] Setup cameras….

Which alert you on your phone when a humans enters a room/door etc
We use and or if on a budget this software is good but there are free alternative software but they won’t track humans etc

↪ Got an old iPhone lying about, use it as a security camera >

6) [Obvious] – Lock away / Hide valuables when nobody is home

It takes 30 seconds to have a quick check around the house but it can save your thousands. Good spots are under the sofa, in your dirty knickers or in your locked and drilled to the floor safe wink emoticon

7) Buy a few timers plug in some lamps, a radio etc. This should be a must for anyone away for long periods of time. Or for those people with loads of money >

8) Always take your car keys, wallet, handbag, any other valuables etc to bed with you

a) so you know where they’re in case of a fire and B) if anyone did break in they wouldn’t be able to easily take them.
UPDATE: Lots of people are saying that they don’t want to do this as they would prefer a criminal got in at took the car instead of coming upstairs to their family. You will have to make this call.

9) Don’t leave keys/valuables hidden outside

Especially in easy to find spots like under the doormat/plant pot etc.
However if you do then use one of these > and fix it to the bottom of a gate in a bush etc

10) Some experts say you should ‘hide’ around £40-£80+ cash (depending on where you live) in an easy to find area.

The hope is that anyone breaking in would hopefully find the stash and think “I’ve found all the cash in the house, lets go”, leaving the rest of the house untrashed. The only problem is some might see this as your so wealthy you leave cash in easy to find places so may make it worse…. Want to hide cash? Try these >

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