10 ways to save money with WD-40

10 ways to save money with WD-40
  • Clean chewing gum from hair, shoes or carpets – Saves buying expensive cleaners
  • Protect a bird feeder from those pesky squirrels 
    Either spray on the pole or around the edges (ensure no food is nearby when spraying)
    Saves wasted food &/or physical damage, vaseline also works well!squirrel
  • Sticky Zip? Spray on the zippers but be extremely careful you don’t spray on the clothing
  • Remove those crappy stickers that refuse to come off your product
    Also works on duct tape, window stickers etc. Spray a little on, wait & then rub off stickers2
  • Problems with wasps? Spray on the areas that are common locations for the nests (under roof edge etc) – it will also repel slugs, snails, spiders & other insects and bugs.
  • Bathroom & Kitchen tiles can have awful stains that don’t seem to budge including mascara, tea stains, nail polish, mould, mildew or paint but spray a little WD-40 on, wait and then wipe clean.toilet
  • Remove candle wax, glue etc from carpets & hands. Regarding glue this works very well if you get super glue all over your hands, spray quickly with WD-40 and rub it in.
  • Remove crayons from walls, doors, mirrors etc. Spray onto a sponge and rub off. Probably best to try a small patch before doing the whole staincrayons
  • Spray on toilet bowls & use a toilet brush to remove limescale, stains etc. It should also prevent further early build-ups
  • Spray on a BBQ grill that needs some TLC and then use a wire brush to clean


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