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480 x Andrex Washlets Classic Clean Toilet Tissue Wet Wipes (pack of 12) for £12 but there is a 30% off with S+S making it £6.60 for us
NOTE: No wet wipes are actually flushable (quote the water bloke that did our drains recently)

Likes: 26 Comments: 24 Shares: 1
Roku Express 4K Streaming Media Player, £27.99 (30% off)

Main £39.99 listing >

Likes: 18 Comments: 5 Shares: 0
41% off Simba Mattresses for 3 days only
- 10-year guarantee
- 200-day trial (full refund if you're not happy)
- Won loads of awards
- Built and manufactured in the UK

Likes: 23 Comments: 47 Shares: 6
Free £10 worth of Pampers Nappies!
As ALWAYS with ANY FREEBIES use an ALIAS email/name etc

Likes: 45 Comments: 912 Shares: 89

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