Aldi launches Yorkshire Pudding ‘Burrito’ with British Beef

Aldi launches Yorkshire Pudding ‘Burrito’ with British Beef

This goliath is enough for 5 people 2 people and it’s the latest Aldi product to get our attention after they recently launched budget gins & Yankee Candle Dupes!

At £7.99 it appears like good value, it contains slow-cooked British beef brisket in a mushroom sauce, surrounded by a tasty blanket of Yorkshire pudding! It also comes with a side of red wine and onion gravy.

Aldi says the dish will be on sale nationwide throughout the winter months.

William Hanley, has been one of the first to get his hands on the dish, telling the Mirror:

“It’s more of a Yorkshire Wellington, really. Not so much a burrito. It’s too big, and you wouldn’t eat it with your hands.

“But it tastes decent. There’s a crispy exterior, soft fluffy Yorkshire pud on the inside, and it’s very generously stuffed with pulled brisket

“The beef is nicely seasoned. It has a slight sweetness. The sauce is a reduction red wine and porcini and works well.

“Bit sweet and sticky and gelatinous (sauce) but from a frozen packet it’s acceptable. Healthy amount of onion flavour in it too”.

Possibly inspired by this video which was seen by 16,000,000 viewers last month!

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