50 ways to save money this Valentines

50 ways to save money this Valentines
  1. Buy presents early to avoid the price hikes near Feb, we constantly post awesome deals
  2. Book a discounted weekend or night away on the cheap, try Groupon or use our travel links
  3. Make your own chocolates instead of buying expensive high-street chocolate (few bars of value chocolate melted into moulds)
  4. Buy knock off fragrances (for the week) and then buy the real thing on the cheap (for the weekend), buy before Feb to save more!
  5. Make your own Love Vouchers 😉
  6. Flowers over Valentines suck, they’re either super expensive, arrive late or are tiny. Supermarkets seem the best place to buy as you can see them up front and the prices are generally competitive, Lidl (should be £3), Aldi (should be £5)
  7. Grab some 2 for 1 on Cinema tickets
  8. Write a “Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You” list.
  9. Use vouchers everywhere (especially when eating out) but pay discreetly whilst you ‘go to the toilet’ 😉 Check the small print!
  10. Make food that is in the shape of a heart (easy + cheap)


  1. Buy a £1.80 Engagement ring (price varies each day but should be under £3)
  2. DIY Posh Dinner, either a cheat meal deal from Waitrose & M&S or make something from scratch, either way it will be cheaper than your local restaurant
  3. Change their ringtone / text tone / Whatsapp tone to something cute / your voice etc
  4. Lingerie is always a winner (as long as you get the right size) and there are tons of sales on NOW but these won’t last!
  5. Cover strawberries in melted chocolate (do the day before or on the day)
  6. Set a limit on your present buying (good for the whole year) and see who can beat the other
  7. Get some free photos and make your own gift
  8. If you’re making dinner, then make a printed menu to make it posh and find a love album to play (not too cheesy)
  9. Get creative with your wrapping paper (Christmas related but still applies)
  10. Do one of the ‘100 things to do with your mates


  1. Make Love heart paper clips
  2. Take a 2-hour, one-time salsa or tango dancing lesson together. Spandex optional 😉
  3. Have a 15-minute snogging session, try new ways. Use your imagination!
  4. Setup their phone to have a reminder with something cute on it
  5. Make them some Slutty Brownies
  6. Use a straw to make a love heart, then poke stuff with it
  7. Learn a game together (e.g. Poker)
  8. Print some of the ‘famous’ printables
  9. Paint + Twister board + outside = fun
  10. Make some alcoholic lollies, put the heating on and chill


  1. Make a cute pillow for them
  2. Write tons of love notes and hide them around, for extra brownie points get someone at work / uni etc to hand her one during the day. Obviously make sure it has your name on it!
  3. Find out what they need doing and just do it for them, no questions asked, just do it. Cutting the hedge, grass, cleaning their car etc. No questions asked just do it.
  4. Create a memory box/photo frame/powerpoint presentation
  5. Remember most likely you will buy the ‘middle bottle’ on a wine menu, due to price anchoring
  6. Have an indoor picnic, make a tent from bed sheets, play games or just chat
  7. Play centurion. (not for the faint hearted)
  8. Create a bath gift set filled with inexpensive candles, bubble bath, rose petals, facial mask and scrub. When they’re enjoying it, warm up some towels on the radiator / dryer for when they get out
  9. Give a massage – these oils might help
  10. Go for a romantic walk to somewhere that means a lot to you


  1. Movie night. Buy some cheap popcorn, add some toppings, slip your onesies on and watch their favourite films.
  2. What did you do on your very first date? Repeat it.
  3. Buy a ton of fake rose petals (ideal to reuse 😉 ) and map out a course in the house, with you at the other end of it
  4. Treasure Hunt: Go off to some of your favourite locations (local is probably best), hide a little gift at each location and then draw a quick map or give a set of clues for your partner to find the gifts
  5. Do some wine tasting on the cheap, go to the local supermarket and buy several mini bottles of a few large bottles and find your favourite together
  6. Go on a hike somewhere that is a mission away, then do something romantic at the top.
  7. Find a food market and try as many free samples as possible.
  8. Get dressed up and go to expensive open houses (houses for sale), strut around like you own the place.
  9. Test drive your dream car, dress up smartly and go and pretend you’re buying that Ferrari etc!
  10. Truth of dare around town, a classic game but I’m sure you will can improve it


I will spend the following this Valentines for my partner (completely anonymous poll)


Alone this Valentines? Then well done for reading all of the above. Sit back and laugh at us all whilst you smash Slutty Brownies in your face. We’re all secretly jealous of you!

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